Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dollies Go Goth!

The kids are back in school and Halloween is just around the corner so I decided to start making up some wickedly festive Blythe gear for my etsy shop. Here's the first installment:

Goth girls for life! I loved knitting up these dresses so I'll be making a few more for my girls to keep all to themselves. Coming soon..some creepy party dresses, Halloween skate punk hats and maybe a few surprises....


  1. Hi Nancy: I'm a Blythe fan, too. Just across the river in Maple Ridge. Also a crafter. Where have you been buying yr dollies?

    1. Hi Julie. I bought most of my dolls from Asia via Ebay. A few I got from people downsizing on Blythe Kingdom. I wish there was a local place to shop for Blythe at! The closest I've come is a ReMent store in Richmond that had a few dolls but they were almost double the Ebay cost and now they no longer even have them :(

  2. I saw them, too, about a year ago. You've got quite a nice collection happening--in a very short time! BTW, I belong to a local Blythe group and we meet up every month. The last meeting was at my house on Sunday. Another gal from Langley visited us for the first time. She doesn't have a Blythe yet but has started with some other Asian dolls. She, too, is a knitter!