Friday, May 28, 2010


As you may have noticed, I've been fooling around with my blog template. I'm not terribly adventurous or computer savvy so don't expect a fabulous new look or fancy graphics! Just adjusting the color and placement of things is about as much as I can handle right now.

Update on Mr. Cat: he's going to be ok! His bloodwork showed nothing dire, just a minor infection which we are treating with antibiotics. So far the dehydration treatment seems to be helping and he is now on new, designed-for-older-cats food, which he loves. We are hopeful that he will start to put on weight and make a full recovery. In the meantime, he is being brushed and coddled and fed choice tidbits of turkey every day!

What's new with knitting: not a whole heck of a lot, sad to say. I had to rip out pretty much everything I had done on the Mad Tosh sweater and reknit it. Because it is lacy I couldn't tell how big the finished back was until I blocked it...and it was too small...grrr. Then the sleeve increases didn't work out for my row gauge...rrrrrip. If I didn't want the sweater so badly I swear I would have given up by now. As it stands I have reknit the whole sleeve and am halfway through the 2nd run at the back. At least its quick....

And, in case you are wondering, that's some lovely Noro Kureyon at the top of the page. It's color #220 that I picked up at Little Knits in Seattle on Monday. Because it was 1/2 price I got a whole sweater's worth for me and a couple of bags for K. in a dark blue/black/olive (#195). Gotta love cheap Noro!

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