Monday, May 10, 2010

Post Mothers Day Post

Yesterday was Mother's Day and what a glorious day it was! I was showered with small gifties in the morning and got to spend most of the day relaxing, knitting and reading. K. is out of town for a few days but, before he left, he and the girls gave me some cool stuff including a fruit gift basket from Edible Arrangements. Yum! Shortly after he left to catch his plane, my ex came and took the girls out for his usual Sunday time with them, leaving me with nothing to do for the rest of the day but lay about and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather! I did take Tango for a walk mid-afternoon, but other than that I was completely lazy. I figure I deserved it, especially after working so hard last week on the house-cleaning thing.

On the knitting front, I finished up the purple socks:

I have to say I am completely blah about these socks. They are from Unwind Yarn's Shiraz. The colors are pretty but the yarn is not the softest, even after a wash. I can overlook that easily, though. What I'm really choking on is the three knots I found in the skein. Considering this is a small-operation hand-dyed yarn finding any knots is pretty much unacceptable in my books. As I was finishing them I came to the conclusion that life is much too short and I have way too much nice sock yarn to waste my time knitting something I don't completely enjoy. Meh.

After the socks, I decided to start a lace project: Spider Stitch Shawl from Yarn Forward magazine. The yarn is some laceweight that I've had kicking around forever.

Lace is on my list of personal challenges for this year. I have so many beautiful skeins of laceweight yarn languishing in my stash that its time to do something about it, dammit! I don't know that I'm really a shawl wearing sort of person so I'm approaching this as a more of an artistic statement than practical knitting, lol.

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