Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sheep to Shawl

Last weekend we took in a small "sheep to shawl" competition at a local heritage museum. (It took me a while to find the camera cable for downloading...woops!). They had four teams made up of various spinning and weaving guild members. Each team had to card, spin and weave the raw, dyed wool into a shawl 6' in length, all within the 5 hour time limit. We didn't stay for the whole thing (easily bored kids) but while we were there the girls got to see every part of the process in action and do some fun crafts.

Whenever possible I try to get them out to see craft or art events where the artists/craftspersons are actually working. I think it is good for them to grow up knowing that it is possible to get beautiful things that aren't made in China and sold en-masse at the local mall. Its also good for them to see things made by hand so that they will be more encouraged to place value on arts and crafts and see it as something that they themselves could do too.

First up, a display of handspun yarn and a small loom:

Some raw wool ready for spinning:

A team hard at work (these ladies are from a local art college):

A large loom ready for weaving a beautiful shawl:

Eldest doing some weaving of her own:

Youngest and her new sheep buddy:

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