Thursday, May 20, 2010

FO: Spider Stitch Shawl

The Spider Stitch Shawl is finished and blocked! Details here on Ravelry.

I have mixed feelings about this project. On one hand it is cool to take thread and turn it into something delicate and beautiful (and the blocking process is some kind of weird knitter magic!). But, on the other hand, I serious doubt I will ever wear a shawl at this stage of my life so it will most likely be bundled into a drawer and possibly gifted to someone else at some point. It does make a lovely piece of art, though ;)

Once the shawl was blocking (a torturous chore to set up) I cast on for this sweater out of some Mad Tosh DK I recently bought.

Normally I let new yarn marinate in the stash for a while before knitting it up but this time I wanted to get going right away. The colors aren't in my usual palette..I normally go for more red/purple/oranges...but this combination of greens and browns matches my eyes to an eerie degree, lol, so I couldn't resist. So far the knitting is buttery smooth with nary a snag or knot.

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