Thursday, October 21, 2010

FO Updates

In amongst all the home stuff, school activities, swim lessons and kitten wrangling craziness there has been some knitting. Even some finishing of projects if you can believe it!

First up, I finished the Extra Red Sweater (here on Ravelry). It turned out pretty much exactly how I hoped it would and used up some really old stash yarn to boot.

Then I moved on to some basic socks for K. out of Regia Galaxy in the "Jupiter" colorway. Its hard to tell in the photo, but I am such a geek that I actually knitted the first sock from the inside of the ball and the second one from the outside so that the swirls ended up going in opposite directions. Don't worry if you can't really tell...I can and that's all that matters, lol.

After that I powered through a pair of basic gloves out of Patons Kroy Socks FX in the "Clover" color. Gloves are quick but I find them quite tedious to knit so I don't make them very often. I really like these ones, though. The Kroy is slightly thicker than most sock yarns which translates into extra warm and cozy gloves. I also really like the shading of the colors even if the gloves don't match at all. On a side note, Youngest finds it absolutely hilarious that I knitted gloves out of sock yarn. Go figure.

Then I decided to start another big project. This is well on its way to becoming a Central Park Hoodie out of Peace Fleece in the "Buffalo Bronski" colorway. It is an interesting blend of darkish copper brown and hints of magenta. My goal with this sweater is to have a hoodie that is really warm for those frosty fall mornings and evenings. So far this yarn is not disappointing. It is very dense and warm just to work with and the mohair should bloom even more once it is finished and washed. I have knit two Central Parks already but I really like the pattern - it is a relatively easy, quick knit and it looks great. Hopefully I get it finished quickly before Fall is over and winter coat season sets in.

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  1. Wow! I love the red sweater. Aren't we lucky that it's still cold enough to wear it (??!!) Great parade of finishing.