Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's New Pussycat?

There has been a new development in the household:

Meet Misty. She is a rescue kitten from a local shelter that adopts out of PetSmart. She is 11 weeks old and already spayed, dewormed, deflead, tattooed, and has had her first series of shots. We had been casually talking about getting a kitten for a while now but had not really been looking. On Thursday evening we were at our local Petsmart and decided to "just see". Apparently this has been a really bad year for kitten and cat abandonment in our area so there were 12-15 kittens available for viewing plus a few older cats. I was not really enthused about the kittens that were playing around in the adoption room and was ready to leave until K. put her in my arms. She immediately went limp and started purring loudly and I fell hard, lol. We took her home on Friday (they have a 24 hour "cooling off" period) and spent the weekend adjusting to life on kitten.

We had already agreed to be really picky about temperament because we didn't want to stress out Mr. Cat or have a really wild kitten destroying our house. I think we really lucked out with her. She is super affectionate yet also playful. She answers to her name and loves to snuggle with everyone in the house. She goes limp every single time she is picked up and starts purring and rubbing against whoever is holding her. We were really worried about poor Mr. Cat but he actually seems to like her. He patiently allows her to attack his tail and claw his tower. Last night they even indulged in a fun chase game before sacking out on the bed with us for the night. She is not so amused by Tango, though. The poor guy wants to play with her so badly but so far all he's gotten for his trouble is a face full of spitting, hissing fury. She is definitely ruling the roost - it is hilarious to see Tango running away and hiding from a little creature 1/4 his size!

All in all I think we made a good choice. Or rather..she made a good choice in picking us!

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  1. I'm jealous. My daughter is allergic, so we haven't had a cat in years.