Thursday, February 18, 2010

Progress Stalled

Unfortunately, I think today's title says it all. It seems that every area in my crafting world is temporarily on hold. My Noro vest was kicking along most delightfully when it hit an unfortunate snag. Due to a knot in one of the skeins and my desire to have the colour sequence perfect, I had to break into the 2nd skein to finish the back. As I was knitting merrily along on the front I had a dreadful flash of premonition. Sure enough, a quick check revealed that I would run out of a key colour in the sequence before the front was complete. What to do? There are two answers here..#1. Try to find another skein of the matching dyelot (I bought it off the internet) and pay $$ for what would amount to 2-3 inches of colour sequence perfection or #2. Suck it up and just leave it not quite matching (Oh..the horror!). Seems like an easy choice, no? But my inner perfectionist is cringing at the thought of the finished project turning out less than perfect even if no-one would notice it but me. While I am mentally sorting this out I have put the project in a drawer and read a couple of good paperbacks.

The other part that is choking at the moment is my craft room. I have boxes and bins everywhere in the basement taking up space and preventing the other rooms from being sorted out. This stuff is all waiting for my craft room to be painted so that I can put up shelves and organize it to my heart's content. Unfortunately, the paint colour I chose looked fine on the chip card but lousy on the walls so another trip to the paint store must be made. Not an easy task as it is not close by and I don't drive. So I have to wait for K. to make the trip and, because the paint store closes early during the week, it will most likely have to wait until Saturday. I'm trying not to be upset at having my things in limbo for another week, trying to tell myself that, in the big picture, it is not long at all. But it is hard waiting and not getting anything done.

In the meantime, I purchased a skein of Malabrigo on my birthday visit to the LYS:

It is Periwinkle, a beautiful colour that is not suited to me but will work very nicely for the cabled fingerless mitts (Natalya) that I plan on making as a thank-you gift for eldest's new music teacher. When we started at the new school, eldest's class been having recorder lessons since September. Not so at the old school. So eldest had to quickly learn how to read music, play the recorder, and get fast enough to keep up with the other kids. Her music teacher was kind enough to offer private after school lessons (for free!) to teach eldest all the stuff the others had already learned and help her catch up. I am so grateful and appreciative of her kind heart! So I thought I would make her a small token of my esteem this weekend and give them to her next week along with a thank-you card from eldest. I hope she likes them... 

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