Thursday, August 9, 2012

Green Shawl Finished!

I finished all the knitting and beading on my Olympic shawl last night!

Now to block it out properly today and have the photo shoot tomorrow. I can't wait to see how big it actually stretches out to be. I'll talk more about the project when I post the finished photos.

Other news this week...JAA is a complete bust. No weight lost, no magical fountain of energy, nothing. Other than the cravings finally diminishing I have had absolutely no progress at all. I actually manned up and went to see the doctor this week for blood tests to check for thyroid, hormone, vitamin deficiencies, etc. and they found nothing. I'm healthy as a horse, apparently. So I guess my problems with weight, mood swings, hair loss, etc. are all in my head..big surprise. Now its off to the drawing board to think about my next plan of action. I'll keep you posted.

The girls are still away until Sunday so it has been very quiet here. K. and I did have a mini road trip to another city, Kelowna, for a job interview for him. If he got the job it would have meant uprooting everything here and moving to another city but, alas, it didn't work out so our excitement was short lived. He's still applying for jobs outside of the greater Vancouver area so perhaps something else will turn up. Not that there's anything wrong with his existing job..its just that we've been trying to escape the city and our current suburban lifestyle for a while now in favor of raising the girls in a more small town environment. But with property values at an all time low perhaps it is better that we don't try to move right now anyways.

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