Monday, September 13, 2010

Moving Right Along

On Friday I finished up the Lorna's socks for me:

They fit like they were made for me, hahaha. Feeling in a red kind of mood I cast on this:

It's not much to look at yet but hopefully it will turn itself into a pretty red (the actual color is more blood-red heather) empire-waist tunic. I am working off a Sirdar pattern but modifying it to be done in the round with a picot hem. So far so good but I am a bit concerned about having enough yarn. This is one that I've had in my stash for so many years that I've actually forgotten where I got it from, lol, and I'm not even sure if it is discontinued or not. According to the pattern I should only need 10 balls and I have 12 so, even with my changes, I should have ample. I just can't shake that feeling know the knitterly equivalent of the "spidey sense" tingling. I guess only time will tell. That and a lot of marathon knitting until I reach the point where there will be no doubt one way or the other...

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