Monday, September 6, 2010

FO: Flamenca

Well, she's all finished:

Details on Ravelry here. What can I say? The sweater is pretty and unique but the pattern was not very clear in the instructions at critical points and it almost killed me. I had envisioned the project being a fun, happy little jaunt lasting no time at all. Instead I got a frustrating slog that I forced myself to finish just so that I didn't have to look at it any more. I actually asked a bunch of other knitters on Ravelry for help because I just couldn't get it. Fortunately I got a few responses that were quite helpful otherwise this would be sitting in a bag somewhere, never to be seen in the light of day again.

Moving right along....I will not be doing anything with "unique" construction for a while! Nope, nothing but plain, simple sweaters for me..and maybe a few socks to put me back in a happy frame of mind, lol.

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