Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday Baby

Today is youngest's 8th birthday. A special day for a special girl. We have lots of birthday surprises planned, starting with a few gifts upon waking this morning and ending with a family dinner out tomorrow evening. We don't do the kid party thing due to my social anxiety issues...instead we make it an extra fun day for the birthday girl. She gets to choose her cake, some flowers, and all her favorite meals for the day. We also stretch the gifts out rather than give them all at once because kids just seem to get too overwhelmed when they have a big pile of stuff to open. This year we are focussing on art supplies and reading materials. She is at that age where toys just aren't as important as they used to be (except for a few special ones) so gift giving has become more of a challenge! Thank goodness she thinks gift cards to Chapters and Claires are the BEST. THINGS. EVER!!!!

Anyways, here's my favorite picture of her from when she was two (darn it..why do they have to grow up and lose that cute baby chub?!?):

On the knitting front I finished up K's socks and yes, he loves them! After that I decided to start a sweater for youngest that I have had on my mind for a while:

It is a Lopi design called Firildaslo from Lopi book #27. This is an adventurous knit for me because it will be my first baby toe in the extremely shallow end of steeking! The plan is to do the body in the green wool (a nameless aran-weight mill-end I've had forever) and the butterflies in the Noro Kureyon on a cream background. After sewing and steeking (eek!), the bodies and antennae of the butterflies will be embroidered on with black. I'm really excited about the colourwork..not so much about the cutting, lol. I should be finished up the boring body and sleeve sections by tomorrow and then its on to the fun!

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