Saturday, January 23, 2010

Out of the Bedroom

Provocative title, no? Well get your mind out of the gutter! What I mean is that I have finally moved the laptop out of the bedroom. A bit of a back story: Since we moved into this apartment 6 years ago the computer has always been in the bedroom due to lack of space. At first I used the desktop exclusively. Then the laptop came to live with us. Slowly, over time, I stopped using the desktop and graduated to using the laptop while lounging on the bed. Eventually I started to realize that I have been spending a lot of time on the internet and with stupid computer games, like Spider Solitaire. This translated into spending a lot of time in the bedroom during the day and evening. Now, most people say they spend to much time on the internet in a sort of joking way...but I'm not kidding. I estimate that I spend probably 65% or more of my waking time dialed in. A serious addiction for sure. And I don't even do anything really that important..just lots of repetitive surfing and game playing. Besides the obvious..too much computer = bad..staying in my bedroom most of the day is just not healthy for me or the family. Besides becoming quite antisocial, I am not spending enough time interacting with the kids and I'm definately not getting nearly enough done around the house each day.

Well, since this is the year for dramatic change, yesterday I moved the laptop downstairs to the dining room table. I won't was painful. Gone are my days of leisurely surfing when I first wake up, constantly checking for updates on different sites, winding down in the evening playing my games. Not to say that I still won't be doing all those things, but having to actually sit in an upright position in a busy area of the house is really lessening the attraction. I think I only spent about half as long as usual on the computer yesterday. But, on the positive side, the lingering pain in my neck and shoulder is finally starting to ease up. I am embarrassed to admit that I would practically lay in the bed with the laptop propped up, rather than actually sit up straight. What is particularly pathetic is that I knew it was a problem for a long time, but I just couldn't break the habit of taking the easy way out and escaping reality whenever possible. When we move the computer will not be going into the new bedroom, thats for sure!

Speaking of moving, K. and the girls are packing boxes as I sit here typing. I had a rather stressful time dealing with the cable/internet/phone connection guys for the change over this morning. All is good now, but the residual stress is still tweaking me so I am blogging rather than packing for now. Later I will knit a bit on BBB...I should be able to finish up the last sleeve today and then it is just some duplicate stitching and lots of sewing...hurrah! Then I can start my pretty, pretty socks.

Lastly, Tango says:

"Why wouldn't you want to sit on the bed all day? Blankets are soooo much fun!!!"

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