Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Finally Some Real Knitting!

The weather here is finally turning to a somewhat fall-like feel and my knitting mojo is making a real appearance at last! K. was here for the holiday weekend and I took the opportunity to measure him in the hopes of turning this old project into a reasonably well-fitting sweater:

Its a basic top-down raglan in Rowanspun dk that I've had sitting around forever. I think I started this project several months ago and it has been hiding in my drawer ever since. I'm sort of winging it so hopefully all will be well in the end, lol. I am almost finished the body portion and then its on to the sleeves. So far it is very lightweight and tweedy..just the sort of thing that K. likes.

Another big change that happened since K. left to start his new job is that we  dumped cable. After much hemming and debating I realized that we don't actually watch much regular tv, barring a few favorite shows. By far the most watching we do is mindless crap/reality shows that we only turn on because we are bored. So I learned how to download shows and movies and also how to view my computer on the big tv. A quick trip to the cable office and voila...$80 a month saved! We have to work a little harder in the evenings to entertain ourselves but the benefits are already being felt. No more commercials! No more Hoarders and Honey Boo Boo! More knitting! More games/fun with the girls! I actually wish we had done this sooner but change is hard when you get into a comfortable rut, ha ha.

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