Monday, August 9, 2010

Child Free by Choice

A wondrous thing happened today! The girls left this morning for their annual summer trip to Revelstoke, BC. My ex-husband (Eldest's father) takes them for 2 weeks to visit his family, go hiking, play in the lake, have barbeques and do all those fun outdoorsy things that they love so much. I worry a little bit about them and give them many lectures about dos and don'ts before they leave but in the end I'm kind of glad for the peace and quiet. The first time they went I was a lot more concerned but now they are old hands at it and should have loads of fun!

I always use the time that they are gone to catch up on all the big household things that need doing. This week the focus is cleaning and organizing. I'm hoping K. takes next week off so that we can do some painting and rearranging stuff in the basement. Today I started out with a thorough wipe-down, vacuum and floor-washing. I also cleaned the blinds..ugh! The weather is cooperating by turning cool and is so hard to do anything when it is really hot and dry. The plan is that by the time the girls come back the house will be spic and span and I'll be ready to focus on back to school stuff with them.

I have been doing a bit of knitting during the last while. The Garnstudio sweater is finished. I just need to do a bit of sewing up and then block it. I also started another pair of gift socks:

This is some Lorna's Laces in the "Jeans" colorway that I had stashed forever. I'm not really a fan of blue but for some reason I like these. They will fit well into the Xmas stash box, lol. After these are done it will be on to the Noro Kureyon sweater that I blogged about.

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