Saturday, July 24, 2010

We've Got Rats!

Meet Mocha:

And Chai:

They are 3 month old brothers that Eldest got for her birthday yesterday. Chai is adventurous and bold, Mocha is a little bit more shy and reserved. Both are friendly, though and take well to being handled by an excited (but responsible) 10 year old. So far Mr. Cat is not amused and Tango seems to think they are some sort of new moving snack for him. Needless to say all ratties are safely ensconced in their large, well outfitted condo and only brought out when the dog is locked out of the room. Both girls are in love and spend all their time offering treats and trying to "train" their new friends. I'm sure the ratties think they are in heaven with a huge multi-level cage all to themselves with loads of toys to play with and yummy foods to nosh...big change from the cramped basic quarters of the pet store!


  1. Squee! They are so cute!

  2. Thanks! We seem to have lucked out getting such friendly happy ones. Hopefully they have long healthy lives.