Monday, December 21, 2009

In Which I Re-invent Myself...

Today is the first day of my new blog. I don't expect anyone out there notices or cares, but I do. About myself: I am rapidly approaching my 40th b-day. I am a stay at home mom of two small girls. I like to knit, cook, read cheesy historical romances balanced with sci-fi, watch movies, go for walks, and contemplate life's idiosyncrasies. I am actually quite boring but I am hoping to change that in the coming months. This blog is the first step after a long period of mental assessment and questioning "where the hell did I go wrong?".

Goals for 2010: I need more creativity in my life. I don't feel I'm setting a good example for my children right now and I want them to grow up to be dynamic individuals instead of boring sheep. I also need to find more inner peace. Last year was a culmination of angry self-recriminations and internal disappointments. All it served was to make me lash out at my family and endlessly obsess about how much I hate my life. Enough, already. Time for some positive action.

Wow..I feel like I have just introduced myself at an AA meeting for manic depressives! Don't be scared unknown readers! It won't always be like this. I expect mostly I'll blog about my various knitting projects, things I've cooked, raising children, observations on human oddities, and other shallow stuff. Maybe in a while I'll have more of a theme going on here, but for right now I just am me.


  1. I hear you! I turned 40 in 2009 and have 2 young kids and feel very much like you do. It's a struggle. I look forward to seeing you post in 2010!