Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eye Surgery

Every time I get a new Blythe doll I always say to myself "she would look so awesome with XX eyecolor". But I have never had the cahones to actually rip out the stock eye chips and replace them even in the face of thousands of Blythe fans changing theirs with impunity. Well no more! I finally ordered some chippies from Cool Cat with the aim to suck it up and catch up to all the cool kids. Luckily for me Cricket graciously volunteered to be the first patient:

After much hemming and hawing I decided to go with the glue stick method that is detailed on several different customization tutorial sites. I was quite surprised at how un-gentle you actually have to be to make this process a success. At first I was extra cautious and hesitant about even sticking the glue stick to her eye but I quickly learned (after 3 tries) that not only do you have to leave it on for what seems like forever but you also have to yank really hard to get those orange demon eyes out! Then you have to really get in there to remove the excess old glue from the socket. Again no task for the gentle touch. Once I finished up the prep and popped the new chips in Cricket was so much happier (and I think secretly relieved to be finished with my hesitant fussing):

I'm pretty happy with the finished results so I am eager to take on the challenge of changing the side chips with a pretty moss green pair. I also have a darker amber pair for the other front facing ones. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

There's a New Girl in Town

Well. Its certainly been a while, hasn't it? I'm not dead nor have I been abducted by aliens. Life has just gotten in the way of things like it has an annoying habit of doing. There have been far too many little changes and not nearly enough big ones to warrant boring you with the details. But I'm back now...and I brought some friends:

I got bitten by the Blythe bug just over a year ago and it has been a crazy ride ever since! I started out thinking that I would get just one and that was it. Ha ha...soon another girl came knocking on my door, then another, and get the idea. Once I started buying clothes and accessories I quickly realized that this is an endlessly entertaining and also endlessly expensive hobby. So I started up my own Etsy account to sell some of my hand made dolly creations in order to hopefully fund some of the ongoing madness!

I expect the focus of this blog will continue to be about knitting, kids and pets. But expect a pretty high dose of Blythe goodness sprinkled in, too.